User Experience (UX)

Engaging with your users forms the nucleus of your digital marketing campaign because it translates to customer interest in you. The experience has to be transformative and innovative in every way possible. Our experience will allow us to help you form these experiences.

Experience-centric processes

From where we started, we have always focused on the user experience. We ensure that users are the heart of every design so that their emphasis is never neglected. As such, we know what the user wants. We ensure that all digital and physical touchpoints are:

  • Seamless
  • Experience-Rich
  • Frictionless
  • Unforgettable
  • Current

What does User Experience Entail?

The User Experience or UX basically covers the process by which the user goes through as a consumer. This involves the experience before, during and after these processes. Hence, it is imperative that the user is involved in the design of an effective UX.

Our involvement in UX has come a long way. We have, over the years discovered the best practices in determining the user needs, their motivations and pain points when they use a system or product. As such, we are equipped to engage them in the design of your system.
Importance of Users
We put a lot of importance on user involvement because we know it brings value to the table. When the user’s experience is prioritized, it improves customer satisfaction and regulates costs in developing a system.

As such, we work very closely with our clients not only in understanding the business and processes but more significantly in understanding the users. This covers areas such as:
Idea conception and understanding
To do this, we conduct effective workshops and focus groups to identify the most suitable UX. We work with clients and uses them to generate ideas that are effective to promote better UX. We learn about the conversations and fine-tune them to do the dot.
Design and Development
After deriving the conversations, we test them for usability so that the designs are optimized for use. This is done through workshops, walkthroughs and stress testing. Taking principles from design thinking, interaction design, expert reviews and such, we ensure no areas are neglected.
Putting it together
We know that change is inevitable in UX. We know that anything that works today might be obsolete very soon. We have been advocating this since we started. Hence, we are more than equipped to help your business get there.