Retail Performance

Terabytes of data are collected every day in the retail industry. If you are in this business and you are not tracking the data efficiently and accurately, you are losing out to your competitors. Our experience will help you gain better insights with a more comprehensive understanding of your customers.

CB Dashboard for better Retail Management

We use our CB Dashboards that let you manage your retail business more effectively. You can track and measure the performance of your marketing and sales initiatives through insights and analytics without needing to get down to the raw numbers.

We have come through many retail markets across the world where have monitored and measured the success factors so that you have the resource to build and expand your retail operations. Our solutions are flexible and catered to every need using technology-centric platforms.

Our CB Dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you full control over customer experience, retail input data and other sources so that you can have the information you need, whenever you need it.
Reports for Retail Analytics
You can now make more informed decisions and calculated risks for your retail business while pushing for improving your store’s performance using our reports and analytical tools.

This helps you to understand your market and customers better while delivering a better customer experience.

Whether your retail business is online or otherwise, data and insights will be the main drivers that will help you provide better products and services. This helps you with predictive analysis and to comprehend your customers’ needs more effectively.

We provide insights that include video analytics, store performance, customer behavioral models and metrics. This will surely give you more functions for decision making while charting retail trends.
Insights on Customer Behaviour
Customer behavior is a critical success factor in retail businesses. We help you to understand how to engage your customers better through behavioral models so that you can track their purchase journey that will drive higher loyalty.

You will be exposed to the framework that will increase dwelling time with your customers with insights on store footfall as well. This will surely increase returning purchases and determining new ways for customers to visit your outlet.

Knowing and understanding customer behavior will inadvertently increase sales revenue. Knowing what they do in the store will give you a lot more leverage and we are well poised to help you get there.
Analyzing the number of customers
Data can be used to improve footfall in your store. Data like the number of people walking about and around your store can be used as a basis and data to help you gain such insights.

We have been developing systems to chart the possibilities and the likelihood of customers entering a store based on these parameters.

This includes using meters, motion detectors, cameras and other devices to ensure the data is carefully and effectively captured for further analysis and reporting.


With these tools, it becomes easier to design the layout of your retail store as well as the stacking of inventory.
Managing Queues and Service Delivery
Customer service is imperative and the center of a retail store. With our proprietary QMS (Queue Management System), we ensure that you deliver the best in-store customer service, minimizing queue time with the best possible support from your staff.

Actionable insights in this area will give you recommendations on managing queues which can minimize customer frustration tremendously.

We integrate a mobile QMS that allows customers to use their mobile devices to be in the queue so they need not wait in line for too long.

You will then be able to deliver more positive customer services, driving higher sales, gaining more footfall and converting more sales along the way with the most up-to-date trends.

This is because one of the biggest challenges in retail is always managing high volumes of customers during peak seasons.