Measuring customer service performance

Online forms are very commonly used for surveys and other business operations. If you are running a customer-oriented business, then forms would be one of your most ideal tools to gather information on your customer service performance.

Using forms for surveys

Perhaps one of the most significant purposes that forms can help your business is in carrying out surveys. This can be done in 3 ways.

  • Quantitative Surveys – The most popular type of surveys that can be done with online forms. This type of form will help you gather and tabulate data that can be presented in ratings, percentages or other numerical styles.
  • Qualitative Surveys – This type of form will gather information based on open-ended questions. The response that you will receive usually require the respondents to key in answers. It is good for surveys that gather opinionated information.
  • Mixed-mode – This type of form will allow you to gather the information that can be in numerical form, YES/NO answers and open-ended ones. It might require more tabulation after the survey concludes but you will acquire richer data.

Using forms with customers

The advantage of using online forms with your customers is that they are very receptive to this method. It is one of the ways that they can give their feedback after transactions with your company.

Customers would appreciate being given the avenue to voice their concerns and forms are among the best way to do it because:

  • Anonymity – Customers do not like to disclose their information especially when they are sending a negative response. Hence, you will be able to gather very honest feedback.
  • Connecting – With Forms, customers are able to connect with your business. This allows them the platform to say what they feel about your product or service.
  • Satisfaction – If they are happy with your product, then they will say it and it is the same if they are not. This is the best and most ideal way to get in touch with your customer’s sentiments.

What do your data tell?

We have been designing cutting edge and relevant forms for businesses in all types of sectors. Let us help you gather the information your business needs, especially in customer service performance. This will ensure that your business improves and continues to do what you are doing right.

With our data, you can discover the areas that need to improve and work on that. Meanwhile, the data can highlight areas that your customers are very happy about. That means you can continue to improve and make them better.

We will help you in using the most suitable surveys that can push your business further, offering better customer service for your target market.