Premium Link Shortener

Now, you can convert links into tools that will enhance your marketing campaign. No more conventional links but customized to align with your brand image.

Build trust with customers

By increasing your click numbers, your brand image strengthens. This will propel more customers to have confidence in your brand. As a result, you communicate better and your customers trust you more.

Power Up your Results

Know who comes to your site and what they do there. You can offer better and more improved CTAs and deliver more relevant content. With rich link-level data, you get results that matter to you. You can comprehend who is clicking your links and why. That helps you to make smarter decisions with your content.

More control at your fingertips

When you own your own content, you can learn about what they are used for. This boosts brand awareness by far while allowing you to fully customize your links for your campaigns.


With a shortened URL, you can easily and very quickly integrate them into all your digital platform tools.

Whether it is in a publication, a blog, forum, messaging apps or in your ads, they are easier to remember and use. That’s not all. You can also track the statistics from these links so that you can monitor how many hits, who are visiting, and other analytics via the click counter.

  • Fast and easy – All you need is to type in the original link and the system will generate the shortened link for you.
  • Short and brief – The system will make your link (of any size) short enough for you.
  • Safe and secure – Using HTTPS protocol and data encryption, this system is safe, efficient, and very secure.
  • Analytics tools – You can monitor and check the number of clicks from your shortened URL link.
  • Robustly dependable – Your customers can be assured that your links are reliable and credible. Links that spread malicious software will be blocked and removed.
  • Compatible and accessible – This system works with all devices whether they are mobile, desktop-based or portable. Benefits

With, you can easily and effortlessly use shorter links for your sites. This is your sole platform for managing your links and branding campaigns better and with a higher impact.

  • Brand Building – Align with your branding campaign with improved visibility when you have your name in every short link.
  • Enhance Collaboration – Use your short link through an integrated marketing strategy and use it in all your teams and departments.
  • Stronger Integration – Easily include your brand’s short link into your current platforms like business processes and operations.
  • Better Tracking Options – Get to the bottom of your marketing campaign with details and statistics of your SEO, ads, and social media performance.
  • Higher Optimization Rates – Maximize your campaign with the link shortener with more accurate targeting.
  • Improved Scalability – Let the link shortener grow in line with your business and experience higher usage rates.