Why Choose CariKerja KWX?
CariKerja KWX Customer Service: “To Serve Our Customers in a Better Way by Offering more Services to Reduce their Worries”

We are commited …
CariKerja KWX has a strong foundation via its strategic partners consisting of MSCMS, MMC and HRSC. This joint venture provides a unique combination of specialized expertise in the HR Industry.
Comprehensive HR Services
CariKerja KWX provide HR services from Recruit-to Retire, which includes:
1. Total HR outsourcing
2. Self Service options
3. Extending the HR with ‘new’ modules
4. EPF, Tax, data entry and other HR related services
5. Train-the-trainer
Motivated team of experts
The CariKerja KWX team of experienced professionals goes the extra mile to exceed our customer’s expectation, by offering quality services in and efficient and timely manner.
100% web-enabled HR solution
CariKerja KWX offers the following benefits through its web-enabled solutions:
1. One common database
2. Accuracy and timely communication across entities
3. Secure communications and
4. Accessible from anywhere, anytime, to name a few
Competitive Pricing
CariKerja KWX provides one of the best of HR solutions in the market comparatively through competitive and flexible pricing, utilizing local resources and cost optimization within budgetary constraints.
We keep you well informed
CariKerja KWX ensures that the clients are kept current with the latest in HR developments, best practices and processes within the HR Industry
Continuous Product Enhancement
CariKerja KWX undertake Research & Development activities to ensure that the solution offered is competitive in the market in terms of functionality and user friendliness.
CariKerja KWX Vision
To be a lifetime partner for our customers by providing HR services and ensuring customer enrichment and satisfaction
CariKerja KWX Mission
“To be a valued partner in providing comprehensive HR solutions.

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Carikerja KWX Executive Search

Executive Search is recommended over other recruitment methods when:

  • Ideal candidates are unlikely to consider themselves “in the market”. Job complexity is too great for advertisement or database search and/or candidate is identified in a competitor’s management team, but direct approach is inappropriate.
  • It generally involves high-level positions, which in turn demands very senior search consultants, to be able to appreciate fully what is required of the position, to have the credibility to overcome the difficulties of gaining access to top-level managers, and to have the experience and skill to assess these people’s suitability for the position in question.

Unlike Advertised Recruitment, which more passively relies on a response from candidates, ES proactively goes into the market and finds suitable candidates. While this can be considerably more difficult and time consuming, the probability of success is very high. The consultants will not stop until they have a result.

We believe Carikerja KWX is unique in that, for high-level searches, we undertake to conduct an exhaustive review of the market. We aim not only to produce a short-list of three candidates who meet the agreed Position Brief, but to give our clients the comfort of knowing that they have obtained the best person available in the marketplace.

The seniority of the consultants allocated to such work, and the thoroughness with which it is carried out, naturally makes this a premium world-class service.

Recruiting Top Talens to grow your business with Carikerja KWX

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A powerful way to drive professionals to the client information session or corporate recruiting, event and training. This service sends out to over 40,000 opt-in emails per evening to KWX source of contacts to notify of the client’s event and training.
The email shall include an email header with a brief description of the event or training, with reference to the client website and email address.
The package include:
– An email blast to a growing list of jobseekers currently at 20,000++
– An email blast to a growing list of corporate clients currently at 20,000++

Get Noticed Promotions

Because of our high concentration on technology members and our commitment to providing a plethora of great career and educational advice, KWX is an affordable and effective way to brand new programs, attract potential students to school or university, or to let the local technology community know more about your services.
This promotion shall be advertised on KWX website for a period of one month.
The package includes:
– 1 page complementary design about the advertiser
– Advertisers logo and corporate image
– A hyperlink to advertisers website
– Advertisers contact information

Carikerja KWX Automated Selections

Leverage your Ringgits? on recruitment advertising while reducing overhead cost and enjoy the push-pull technology.

Here’s why clients prefer Carikerja KWX online recruitment . . .

Simplicity: You only need to send us the job details and we will do the rest
Effective: You get faster response when you advertise online
Longer Duration: Your advertisement will stay online for 30 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Unlimited Size: Put as much as you like into your advertisement
Job Alert: Candidates will be notified via email on latest available jobs
Database Search: You may search our database for suitable candidates
Organized: You can manage your job applications online using our Recruitment engine.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing takes place when an organization transfers the ownership of a business process to a supplier. The key to this definition is the aspect of transfer of control. This definition differentiates outsourcing from business relationships in which the buyer retains control of the process or, in other words, tells the supplier how to do the work. It is the transfer of ownership that defines outsourcing and often makes it such a challenging, painful process. In outsourcing, the buyer does not instruct the supplier how to perform its task but, instead, focuses on communicating what results it wants to buy; it leaves the process of accomplishing those results to the supplier.

What is the purpose of outsourcing?

Outsourcing, once used mainly for downsizing and cost reductions at major corporations, is becoming a strategic tool that has a powerful impact on corporate growth and financial stability. More companies than ever before are establishing strategic partnerships that give them access to specialized expertise in critical business functions.

Is “contracting” or “contracting out” just different terminology for “outsourcing”?

These two terms are often confused, but they are not the same at all. Contracting is when a company (buyer) purchases goods or services from another company (supplier or vendor). In this situation, the buyer “owns” and controls the process. In other words, the buyer tells the supplier exactly what it wants and how it wants the supplier to perform those services. The supplier cannot vary from the buyer’s instructions in any way. The buyer can replace the supplier quite easily by breaking the contract.

In outsourcing, the buyer turns over the control (“ownership”) of the process to the supplier. The buyer tells the supplier what results it wants the supplier to achieve, but the supplier decides how to accomplish those results. In outsourcing, the supplier has expertise in a certain process (such as desktop, or human resources, or logistics, etc.), and it has economies of scale. If the buyer were to dictate to the supplier how to do the job (as happens in contracting), the buyer would be destroying an important aspect that makes outsourcing work – the value that is created by using the supplier’s expertise and economies of scale. Telling the supplier how to do the job also eliminates accountability on the part of the supplier, and this is an important element in successful outsourcing relationships.

Testimonials from our clients

At times it is not what you know but who you know. However, having both would of course greatly increase your chances of landing a job that agrees with you in terms of prospects and remuneration.

That was certainly the case with me. Carikerja KWX took time to understand me as a person, my capabilities, my needs and my expectations. Most importantly, honesty characterised their discussions with me about their client. The importance of this rare concept is often taken for granted, misconstrued or misunderstood. But I believe it is essential if a good match is to be achieved. So if honesty and good judgement is your criteria, you can look upon Carikerja  KWX as the the fairest of all go-betweens in the industry.

Woo Siew Chin,
Corporate Communication Manager,
Kumpulan Emas Berhad