Insights through Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a common technique used to measure the success of your retail store. This gives you powerful insight in knowing:

  • How companies deliver their Brand Promises.
  • What type of strategies are adopted in delivering the features of the products?

Our experience in Mystery Shopping

From working with and working for retailers, we have done it all. We have gained valuable experience and insights in mystery shopping with some of the top names in every sector imaginable.

Whether it is a bank, a convenience store, a fast-food chain, an automotive brand, or telecommunications, we have carried out countless observations in being neutral and unbiased ‘shoppers’ with an eye to gathering the data. In doing so, we helped our clients answer questions like:

  • Are the frontline staff in the retail store aligned with and understand the standards of the brand?
  • What are the competitors doing in their own retail stores?
  • What were the key messages delivered at the product launch?
  • Are the employees aware of their roles in the business?

Trained Shoppers
It is through the trained shoppers that are deployed that ensure accurate collection of data. This includes finding out the best shopper experience, performance improvement, best practices and any other data required.
Technology Driven Campaigns
In providing you with the best possible results, our strategies include adopting technology-centric solutions. Our mystery shoppers are well-equipped with sophisticated devices that can capture real-time data.

This is done through using of audio recorders, on-body cameras and other forms of devices that will stream data to be analysed in real-time. They will be required to visit the stores both in the digital and physical locations.

The main objective is to determine how the brand promises are being delivered and if quality has been compromised. The data gathered will then be analysed where they will then be integrated with our other tools to deliver more insights for your retail business.

From your end, you will have access to the reports, videos and data through a user-friendly dashboard which will help you in better decision making and trend analysis to grow your business further.