Injecting Creativity into your Brand

Creativity is one factor that is either overlooked or underestimated in many marketing campaigns. Our team of experts is ever ready to help you get the right balance. We use our proprietary platforms which have been perfected to suit your business needs.

Formulating your strategy

You can now track the performance of your creatives and how they impact your target audience. Our platforms are specially designed to help you grasp what works and what doesn’t. As a result, you understand better how your market reacts and experiences with your campaign.

  • Insights and Communications – This helps to build better platforms for creative development. What you get is real-time insights so that you know how your market reacts to your creatives while promoting stronger ideas through communications.
  • Action and Future Plans – This platform lets you use the insights you gained and discover what can be done to counter-react to what is happening in your markets. This is very crucial as it determines what can and cannot be done in relation to issues discovered in your campaign.
  • Optimize creative investment – With real-time insights and future planning, you can now maximize your investment through our unique Quantitative and Qualitative integrated platforms.

Getting to the market with your creatives

We use our tested-and-proven platform to help you measure how effective is your in-market advertising. This is where we cover a broad range of touchpoints across various media in order to ascertain the effects of your brand both in the long and short term.

From there, we apply analysis and diagnostics to help you understand better what works in your current in-market campaign in order to prepare for the next. We also incorporate brand perception methods in understanding how your target audience reacts to the creatives of your campaign.

Creative solutions for brand success

There are several options when it comes to adopting creatives in pushing for your brand’s impact. This include:
Creative Assessment
This is a platform designed to evaluate and assess how your creativity is influencing purchasing and engagement behavior both in the online and digital media. In the long run, it enhances brand equity. We also track how your creative influences brand recall and top-of-mind marketing.
Display ad Assessment
This platform helps to track and assess your display ads (digital and videos). We evaluate what works from your creative as well as the brand impact both long and short term focusing more on live digital platforms like social media and other platforms.