Make Money with Surveys

Now, you can be part of the exciting revolution and have your voice heard. All you need to do is to take surveys and get paid. Join us today and you can:

Start Making Money Today

The process is very simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

Your opinion counts

The reason why you are being paid for surveys is that even the world’s top brands value your opinions. This will help them to improve their products and services. That is why they are willing to pay (either in cash or vouchers) so that you share your honest opinions with them.

What you get out of this?

By joining our surveys, you will potentially:

Get onto the leading survey platform which is designed for businesses of any size. Made specifically to capture data for business, it is perfect for teams and individuals. That is why companies around the world use us.

Data-Driven for your Business

Survey.My is the ideal platform that gives you an analytic tool that drives your business with current and relevant data. This is a platform that is catered for your business and your team with a clear direction towards a more competitive edge. Working with surveys allows you to:

Your Feedback Data is more Secure
Using one of the most secured encryption platforms, your survey and feedback data is well-protected and stored. Data centers are comply with GDPR and HIPAA.
Control at your fingertips
You get better access and control with your data and user activities via user-friendly dashboards. With this, you can now manage the shared data, ensuring that they are securely stored and accessed by relevant parties.
Get insights and data-rich analysis
Your survey data can be analyzed and used with APIs that allow you to integrate with current industry platforms and applications for more insights and results. Whether it is Salesforce, Power BI (Microsoft), Eloqua or Marketo, choose from more than a hundred other apps to work with, seamlessly.

Survey.My Enterprise in Top Industries

This platform has brought a lot of success and impact to some of the top industries across the world. Among the ways it has helped include:

Know The Industry

Convert Feedback to Insights

You can easily and effortlessly migrate data from other platforms into Survey.My with the integration features.
Work in Groups
Work and share in a Workgroup where you can collaborate and design surveys, setting roles and access levels. Smart Notifications allow you to share and distribute surveys efficiently and intelligently.
Customizable functions and more
Custom surveys can be built from scratch, catered for every type of need of your business. It comes with high-level features like multilingual support, advanced logic, piping and branching, among others.
Competitive Priced for Businesses
No matter how big or small your business is, there is a customized pricing structure to suit the needs and requirements of every business so that more relevant data can be collected and used for growth and expansion.

Your business now gets a better and surely more impactful tool that gathers feedback that can be easily converted to insights that work for you. Data can be specifically catered for every type of business and designed for every need.

“It’s a very good platform for anyone to earn passive income. Some surveys are really easy, just fill out a form!”

Razman Hussein

Easy management and Control

Using a single administrative dashboard, you get better control and management of your users and actions. You can also establish standards as you go with the global settings provided through the user-friendly dashboard.

Robust and Secure

Your survey data is securely stored and managed with high-level data encryption that is SSO, GDPR and HIPAA compliant. You can assign access controls and many other features to ensure better protection and integrity of the data collected.


Let us clear your doubts!

Is it true that I can make money from surveys?

Absolutely! It is very popular in Malaysia where you get real cash, vouchers or be selected to become product testers. Some of you might even get to become mystery shoppers. Get paid for shopping! Yes, this is true!

How does this work?

We work with big brands in retail around the world. They need to acquire opinions from shoppers and customers like yourself. Online surveys are very cost-effective for them. Hence, they reward respondents like you as you can give them very accurate information. When you respond, they will pay.

Besides that, you also be in the running for prize draws and free competitions. That will give you additional chances to win more.

How much can I potentially earn?

Doing our surveys will surely let you earn some extra income especially if you have spare time to do so. What we are paying is for your time which means the time you use to complete surveys will determine how much you can earn. Each survey can range from RM1 to RM50 each.

If you are currently not working, having your semester break and spending a lot of time online, why not put them to good use and start completing some surveys (and make some money along the way).

How will you be paying me?

For vouchers or gift cards, we will send it out to you by email or via mobile messaging. For cash payouts, we will use bank transfer or PayPal.

Is there an age requirement to sign-up?

To register with us, you must be at least 13 years old. Every survey have requirements on age group and gender. Some of them would require the account holder to be at least 16 years old. Every survey will have different requirements but a majority of them usually look for respondents who are working adults or retirees.

What types of surveys do you have?

Our surveys come from a broad range of industries and sectors. You will mostly be required to give your opinion on issues related to these subjects. It can be about movies, politics, global warming, media, beauty consumer products, retail or anything else. Through us, you will be connected to the big brands and companies offering different rates and promotions when you do their surveys.

Is registration for everyone?

Yes, as long as you are above 13 years of age.

Where can I take your surveys?

You can do this anywhere and anytime. Whether it is a tablet, your smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer, just log in, choose the survey and answer away!